Kashif is an illustrious writer, producer and director based in London.
He has produced and directed both in cinema and TV across different genres including current-affairs, drama and fiction earning critical and commercial acclaim.
He started his career off as a broadcaster in BBC Current Affairs and later diversified into mainstream cinema getting intimately involved in the film-making and financing process.
He has worked on sets and locations for multiple films and has developed a formidable arsenal of knowledge in all major film functions including preproduction, production, marketing and distribution.
Kashif has so far produced and directed close to 50 acclaimed film projects in USA, UK, Mid-East and Asia in multiple languages, with many more in the pipeline. He firmly believes in nurturing new talent, while supporting and promoting native cast and crew from the locations of the shoots.
He is an alumnus of globally renowned films schools i.e. NYFA-Los Angeles, Middlesex University-London and Universal Studios-Hollywood.
Alongside the film production vertical, he is also a successful entrepreneur and investor, with business interests in e-commerce and blockchain.