Maja is an alumnus of the prestigious London Business School with a degree in Finance, and undergraduate degrees in Business and Managerial Economics.

Coming from a business family in Zagreb- Croatia with stakes in food & beverage manufacturing, agriculture, and hospitality, Maja has been serving on the Board of Directors of her more than 30-year-old company.

Despite her busy schedule, she is actively involved in the financial management of INFI due to her interest in the innovative nature of INFI’s audio-visual & VR platform, and its association with Blockchain.

Maja has been working both on-site, and remotely on INFI as a Senior Financial Analyst, and her work entitlement includes film and media trade and copyrights management, financial projections, and budgetary oversights.

She has also been involved in the cash flow forecast through subscription based revenue models, and she will resume her work on the wider INFI economics after her return from the sabbatical.