INFI’s Technology Team Lead, Micaela is actively involved in AV media production and Information Technology management of the platform.

With a background in Computing possessing a PEKIT expert certificate, and her university education in Law and Economics from L’Orientale University of Naples in Italy, Micaela has accumulated a decent IT experience over the years.

She went on to study Finnish at the University of Turku in Finland, where she also did a program on Blockchain to acquire further skills in the field.

Micaela joined INFI as a production executive, initially helping with the film production projects. She helped in compiling the project schedule, technical blueprinting, and post-production of projects before their release.

And with the formal launch of Enterinfi platform on the Web and mobile, Micaela is also now looking after the technical side of the platform, including CMS management, and oversight of Enterinfi Android and iOS apps.